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Our students are happy and satisfied with their improvements.

Trial Lesson

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  • Wonderful trial lesson
  • Very informative, fun and easy to learn. Trial lesson is a good very good way to know the technique used in school. (Francisco Rivera/44/Trial Lesson)
  • Challenging but SO much fun! (C.L./Trial Lesson)
  • You are a wonderful teacher. That was fun! (JC Morrison/44/Trial Lesson)
  • Thank you Masa. Great trial lesson. I look forward to your class on Monday (Preet/27/Trial Lesson)

Regular Group Courses

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  • Masa san's teaching style is very easy to understand, as it is very interactive and encourages all students to participate. Also, the lessons build on each other so the concepts from the earlier classes are reinforced, while new concepts can be understood easily by recognizing the change in sentence structures and syntax. Most importantly, Masa san makes it very fun wile learning the language. (Michael Lau/Level 1/July 14, 2017)
  • Masa is a very fun and patient teacher. Very good use of visual aids and pictures. Good explanation of grammar. (Level 1)
  • I really enjoyed learning Japanese with Masa-san, he is very entertaining and makes learning a new language easy. I also like the small class sizes. Everyone gets to participate and have fun. (Jennifer/Level 1)
  • Very good! Dynamic, interactive and fun class. Really good if you're new to the language or have basic knowledge. Lot's of visual aids. (Jorge Garboza/Level 1)
  • I liked the very interactive class structure and the speaking practice. It really was a lot of fun. The flashcards were very helpful in memorizing the Hiragana characters and nouns. The most challenging part for me is writing but the journal homework really helped speed it up. The examples taught are all very practical and easy to use for everyday practice. (Israa Saber/Level 1)

Kanji Class

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  • I was really impressed with how much I have learned in this course. I'm only on level 2, but already I feel like I can have real meaningful conversations with people in Japanese. I think the pacing of the lesson is great! (Alex / Level 2) 
  • I really enjoyed the interactive nature of the class. It was joyful to learn because of the comradery between teacher and fellow students. Although at time consuming, the moment of "understanding" always was a pleasant surprise. Being able to actually follow Japanese conversation is an amazing feeling. (Sheri / Level 2) 
  • Having the opportunity to be fully immersed in Japanese is fantastic! Masa-san is a great teacher. I really appreciate having studied with him. I would recommend this class for anyone looking to further their study of Japanese and have a great immersive experience! ありがとうございます。(スティーヴ/ Level 4) 
  • Level 2 class is more challenging than level 1, but it is still very fun! The immersion environment is fantastic and provides many opportunities for learning and practice. (Andrea / Level 2) 
  • I do love my first immersion in Kanji. It was really easy to follow and memorize the Kanji symbols with the picture method, really easy way to learn. If you join the course I'm really sure you will not regret. I love it!!! (Raul) 

JLPT Preparation Class
(Japanese Language Proficiency Test)

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  • The JLPT class was an intense class in an enjoyable environment.  I found that the prep class was not only good for those who are intending to take the exam but also a good refresher for my previous classes.  We had mocks exams which tested our vocabulary, grammar and kanji.  I especially liked the listening practice which I find quite challenging.  If you are contemplating on taking the JLPT, I would recommend taking the Aitas JLPT prep class.  You'll find homework and exams are actually fun. (Christina, JLPT Prep N5)
  • The pace of the class is very high, and you get to practice in real exam conditions, so that there is no surprise on the day of the exam. Also, I found it was an excellent way to review previous levels' grammar and vocabulary. After completing the class, I felt much more confidant I could make it. I'm really glad I opted for taking this class prior to the N5 exam, as I'm sure it helped greatly in achieving a pass grade. I definitely recommend this class to anyone serious about taking the JLPT exam. (Frederic, JLPT Prep N5)
  • It was very well structured and taught in a friendly and yet very professional manner. The Class helped me reduce the level of stress because i knew what to expect. Thanks to the tests that we took during the class, i could see where i was standing and thus my expectations were realistic - more or less. (Danielle, JLPT Prep N5)
  • The most helpful aspect of the class, for me, was that we practiced with actual past tests every week. It was very encouraging to see my marks on the practice tests slowly, but steadily, improve as the course progressed. The other extremely valuable component was the listening practice we did. For me, listening comprehension is the most challenging aspect of Japanese, so the confidence I gained by practicing with so many listening exams in class was invaluable. (Nicole, JLPT Prep N5)
  • The JLPT prep class was extremely helpful, chances are that i would of failed the test if i didn't take the prep course. Being able to practice previous exams and revisit grammars that i have either forgotten or haven't learned in the class helped filled a lot of the gaps. studying with classmates help too, i actually studied with some of them outside of the course (Alan, JLPT Prep N4).

Japanese Conversation Club

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Aitas Japanese Language School