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About Us


Kyoko Saita Profile

Name: Kyoko Saita
Birth Place: Tokyo, Japan

Kyoko Saita is the Principal of Aitas Japanese Language School. She also acts as a Japanese language instructor at the school teaching adult learners at every level. She capitalizes on a learning environment that is fun and friendly, while using her own Aitas Immersion Teaching Method to effectively teach the Japanese language to her students.

Summary Of What I Do

  • Teach Japanese to Canadians
  • Develop teaching materials
  • Organize our " Aitas Conversation Club"
  • Organize our Japanese Volunteer Program
  • Lecture, train and organize workshops for future Japanese language instructors
  • Work as a counselor at Global Village English Centres
  • Publish Japanese Mail Magazine
  • Write books about learning Japanese
Kyoko's History
Travelled to Indiana as a high‐school exchange student
Graduated from university in Japan and began working at an IT firm
Became a professional Japanese language instructor
Taught 'Japanese Language and Culture' at a mixed elementary, junior high, and high school in Australia
Taught non‐Japanese people the language of Japanese at a Japanese Educational Institute
Trained Japanese people who wanted to become Japanese language instructors
Published "Aozorano Tenshitachi": stories of Japanese language instruction in Australia
Became the principal and teacher of a Japanese language school in London, England
Trained Japanese people who wanted to become Japanese language instructors
Instructed interns in Japanese language education
Presented results of the study on "Learning Outcomes of the Direct Method" at an academic conference about teaching Japanese as a foreign language in Europe
Taught Japanese at a private school in London, England (the school had elementary, junior high and high school students)
2003 ‐ Current
Moved to Toronto and opened Aitas Japanese Language School
Created the Aitas Japanese Language School motto: "Learning is fun!"
Developed the "Aitas Immersion Teaching Method", based on past hands‐on experiences

Masa Saita Profile

Name: Masa Saita
Birth Place: Tokyo, Japan

Masa Saita is the Director and a primary teacher of Aitas Japanese Language School. Masa has been teaching Japanese for 11 years and takes great pleasure in helping students achieve their goals. He focuses on employing a teaching strategy that is simple, open, fun and very effective.

Received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics at Chuo University in Tokyo, Japan
Studied the Chinese language at Chuo University
Went to Toronto to study English after graduating
Worked at a travel agency in Tokyo, selling overseas trips to clients
Planned and promoted trips to Asia, Russia and Northern Europe, and conducted various travel tours
Visited 60 countries on business
Had the opportunity to meet many people who were passionate about studying Japanese and who gave him the motivation to begin teaching
Studied at a training school in Tokyo to become a Japanese language instructor
Went to London and Oxford, England to teach Japanese
Trained and supported many soon‐to‐be Japanese language instructors
2003 ‐ Current
Moved to Toronto and opened Aitas Japanese Language School
Taught classes to adult learners at all levels

Aitas Japanese Language School