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About Us



Since Aitas opened in 2003, we have developed an original and highly effective educational system. The Aitas Immersion Teaching Method is accompanied by detailed curriculums – all of our own making. We care deeply about our students' improvements and stand by and the quality of our lessons. I have a strong passion for teaching Japanese and I built Aitas with the intention of becoming the ideal location for students to learn Japanese in Toronto.

Our Valued Students

Aitas completed its twelfth year in September of 2015. Starting from nothing, I want to thank the wonderful students who have showed their continued support over the years. More than 1,000 students have studied with us so far. The average number of students studying here at Aitas at any given time is about 80. People who have found Aitas teachings helpful in the past, or who have heard about us from current students or course graduates, constantly come back to our school to further advance themselves in the language of Japanese. I feel very privileged that some of our graduates pay a visit every now and then just to say hello. Satisfied students with positive memories of Aitas are part of what keeps me motivated to push forward day in and day out.

I hope to help many people realize that learning Japanese is fun and can be a very valuable skill to have. I have devoted my entire life to Japanese language education and I can say with full confidence that I believe this is my calling. I hope that we can help you achieve your goals here at Aitas.

Aitas Japanese Language School